Every time I open my social media accounts I always see these, one friend got married, travel abroad, one got a new car, new relationship all with #blessed. Then I asked myself how come he has a new car. The other one broke up with her boyfriend now she has a new one. I’ve been…… Continue reading Happiness

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid to get hurt, when things go wrong Don’t be afraid to cry sometimes that is the only way Don’t be afraid to get lost you might find yourself Don’t be afraid to walk alone you can enjoy the nature Don’t be afraid to fall in love it’s a gift to share Don’t…… Continue reading Don’t be afraid.

Life, as I know it.

I hate it when someone is ahead of me, but I am happy when I’m ahead of someone. Why is that? I asked myself, what did he do? What did I miss? What’s wrong with me? Maybe because “there will be someone better and lesser than me”. I have to ask myself, how many demons…… Continue reading Life, as I know it.

Losing the moon while counting the stars.

Sometimes we fight too hard in this life. Often in our struggles, we forget the important things in our life. We are busy chasing our dreams, getting to the top of the ladder, or even winning many battles. Yes, you are victorious but are they all worth it.  When you start looking at your life…… Continue reading Losing the moon while counting the stars.