When you talk about friendship there’s no perfect definition for it. Because we define friendship in our own way. According to Webster dictionary a friend is a person who you like and enjoy being with. When I was young I had a lot of friends but, as I grew up the numbers decreased. Because, I…… Continue reading Friends.

The One That Got Away.

You  told me to take a leap of fate. You picked me up when my world starts to crumble. You gave me strength when I almost gave up. You held my hand when everything is not going right. You have the sweetest smile. You gave me courage and never failed to make me smile. You…… Continue reading The One That Got Away.

Happy Holidays

This year was a roller coaster ride and a year of realization. Your real friends and family will always lift you up when you hit the lowest and will cheer when you reach the highest. I realize that you can always pick yourself and not being afraid to fall again. People change, some will leave,…… Continue reading Happy Holidays

Don’t Judge.

A friend of mine once told me “I always feel like I’m in a contest, because judges are watching in every corner”  No matter how nice and  pleased you treat others they still raise their eyebrows. Others pretend to be someone else they’re not because they are afraid that others will judge them. I used to judge…… Continue reading Don’t Judge.

It’s OK to wait.

I was on the long line to buy a ticket for a movie. The film will not start until 2:20 PM and it was 12:35 PM. I don’t want to wait that long. So, I choose the movie that will start at 12:45 PM.  I was standing deciding what popcorn flavor I am going to buy. I look at the ticket, and I realized that the movie that I am going to watch would be a waste of my time and…… Continue reading It’s OK to wait.

Being Single

People ask me why I’m still single I just answer them I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m getting older and most of my friends are getting married and having kids. Is there something wrong with me? I’ve been single for too long and I’m getting used to the independence that I have. I…… Continue reading Being Single