Sunset reminds me that not all endings are bad, sometimes it’s beautiful. It reminds me to always hope because no matter what happens the sun will rise after the dark night. In life, something will be lost or might be taken from us but after all those darkest moments a beautiful sunrise will definitely appear. Don’t lose…… Continue reading Sunset

Decide to live.

In the past years, I had problems with my health, a financial status and I lost my job. I can’t find any reason to go on. I lost my grip. I started to isolate myself. I fell in the darkness and embrace the comfort of being numb. I don’t care about people’s feelings. I don’t…… Continue reading Decide to live.

Fall and Faith

You will fall, you will get hurt, you will cry, you will break and crawl to the ground, you will lost everything, you will get uncomfortable, you will face rejection, you will break your heart, you will feel pain, you will fail. But it will not stay that long. You will wake up one day…… Continue reading Fall and Faith