Every time I open my social media accounts I always see these, one friend got married, travel abroad, one got a new car, new relationship all with #blessed.

Then I asked myself how come he has a new car. The other one broke up with her boyfriend now she has a new one. I’ve been single for too long but, still can’t find a new one. One friend came from Europe and me just came from the market. The others been in Hong Kong for a shopping and I can only afford to buy clothes from the thrift shop.  It saddens me to stay on these social media stuff.

Is it sad or it’s just me?

So, I tried to detox from my social media accounts. Since I work online I need to fight my urge to check it. It was hard but I learned a lot.

  1. Your happiness should start within yourself. You need to know yourself more and should know all your goals and how will you reach it. Because if you really know yourself you know what makes you happy.
  2. You decide for your own happiness. You don’t let other people control it. Because if you let them control your happiness you will end up in a mess.
  3. Don’t blame others because you are not happy or you can’t find happiness. How you respond to the world determines your happiness.
  4. Find a new hobby, a new skill or do the things you dreamt of doing. And if you feel sad just go back to it and do it all over again.
  5. Sometimes material things are not the answer to your happiness. Sometimes it is from the people you love, the sound of their laughter, their good health, their warm hugs, and even a cup of coffee with them and their stories.

I don’t need the world to approve my happiness because I am living a blessed life just like everyone else. And there should be no sadness every time I see #blessed photos because they are truly blessed and they want to share it to everyone.


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