Losing the moon while counting the stars.

Sometimes we fight too hard in this life. Often in our struggles, we forget the important things in our life. We are busy chasing our dreams, getting to the top of the ladder, or even winning many battles. Yes, you are victorious but are they all worth it.  When you start looking at your life and you realize that in the process of winning you also lost the most important things.

It doesn’t need that way. You don’t need to fall over and over just to learn in this life. Life will never be perfect. But at least you can do something about living a worthy life. Fighting, without losing what matters to us.

I don’t live a perfect life. It’s too far from being perfect. I struggled and fall many times and still falling, but it doesn’t stop me from reaching my dreams. But, somehow I know how to slow down. When I see a red light I stopped, and go when it’s green. What I’m trying to say is, don’t make everything complicated.

We don’t know how much time we have left in this world. So make sure everything counts. You can still count the stars without losing the moon.

Here are some of what I did. But, the choice is still yours.

  1. Take a walk.  A short or a long walk. You never know where it leads you. This is also the best time for your alone time and think about your life.
  1. Take time to laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine. Laugh with your friends and family. They say that it can lower your stress or make your life longer, we don’t know if it’s true but who cares, laughing is free and it’s fun.
  1. Listen to your favorite song. What type of music you listen to? Just play it and let your heart out.
  1. Make real and true friends. As you grow old you realize that it’s the quality over quantity that matters.  Don’t just call or chat them. Go and see them.
  1. Make time for your Family. A simple meal with them, visit them, take pictures with them, and spend more time with them. No matter how busy your life is, find time for them.
  1. Appreciate Nature. Climb a mountain, feel the grass on your feet, walk through sands and chase the waves, swim through lakes or falls. Take a hike. Chase the Milky Way.
  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things. It could be a new hobby. Maybe playing a musical instrument, cooking, painting, a new sport or something you want ever since you are a kid. Or if you haven’t exercise, this might be a good time to start. It’s not always too late to learn new things.
  1. Go out and travel. Go to your dream destination if you have the money. And also, traveling doesn’t need to break your pockets. You can visit a museum, a national park, a heritage town or you can go around your town.
  1. Read a book. If you’re not into books, at least try to pick a book and read it. You don’t need to buy it, there are bookstores that offer free reading just look for one.
  1. Talk to strangers. It’s risky but you never know unless you try. You might learn something new from them. Remember, you are also a stranger to them.
  1. Listen and Don’t Judge. They trust you because they tell you their stories. They let you into their world. Even though, you know their story still doesn’t give you the right to judge them.
  1. Help those in Need. Volunteer to a charity. If you don’t have the money, you can share them your time. You never know how blessed you are if you don’t share your blessings.
  1. Love.  Sometimes it gets messy but it’s still beautiful in the end. It might hurt you but it will always leave a mark, a reminder that you are capable of loving and accepting the imperfections.
  1. Give respect to everyone, even the people who don’t need it.
  1. Change what you can-If things are out of our control let it be, deal with the things you can control. Don’t stress on something that is out of your hands. Things happen for a reason.
  1. If you need to cry, then cry. Sometimes that’s the only thing you can do.
  1. Try to unplug or disconnect. In an online world, it can make or break a relationship. Some use it to communicate with the people they love to connect the distance that separates them, some use it too much that the relationship is creating a distance to each other. And, some use it as validation of their existence. Just be wise, know when it is too much already.
  1. Give Kindness. If you have a piece of bread, a bottle of water share it to a homeless person or a beggar, help an old woman to cross the street, a mother that needs help with her groceries, returning someone’s wallet. A simple gesture without expecting anything in return. Or just a simple smile.
  1. Don’t forget to Pray.  Be thankful for the unending blessings you receive every day. In times that we don’t understand what’s going on around us. When your dreams are going nowhere, you’re losing the fight. He listens to every word you say, he might not give what we want but will always direct us to the better plan he has for us. The key is faith, though sometimes it’s hard but that’s we need to do.
  1. Love Yourself. The greatest love of all as what they say, I agree on this one. You can’t give what you don’t have. Taking care of yourself and not abusing it. Don’t hate yourself because of your imperfections, it’s there for a reason. Don’t be mean to yourself.





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