Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid to get hurt, when things go wrong

Don’t be afraid to cry sometimes that is the only way

Don’t be afraid to get lost you might find yourself

Don’t be afraid to walk alone you can enjoy the nature

Don’t be afraid to fall in love it’s a gift to share

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts they will listen

Don’t be afraid to dance in the rain it can hide your tears

Don’t be afraid to trust others they feel the same way

Don’t be afraid to follow your style you are unique.

Don’t be afraid to say I love you or you will never get a chance to say it

Don’t be afraid to say I’m sorry it won’t make you less of a person

Don’t be afraid of being alone you will know more about yourself

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from it

Don’t be afraid to try new things it’s a new experience

Don’t be afraid to sleep in the dark you will appreciate light

Don’t be afraid to ask you are not alone in this world

Don’t be afraid to forgive it is for yourself

You are here for a reason, find out what it is and make your life story worth telling.

Life is too short to waste it on nothing just because you are afraid to live.








We all fall in love but, sometimes we fell to the wrong person, or at the wrong time or the wrong situation and we need to decide if we will allow this love to burn us or if we will believe that whatever that is not meant to be will always find a way to end the fire.

I wrote this poem because once upon a time  I fell in love with the wrong person at the right time. But, before the fire consumes me I have to let go because it is so wrong and it will never be right.


Pictures started to fade
Tears can’t help but flow
Voice tremble for loneliness
Looks like rain will soon be here

Is this our fate?
Or just a choice we once made
Why are we standing behind the lines?
Why can’t we burn it from the light?

I can’t hold on anymore
Though love still burns inside us
One day you will understand why I burned
And growing apart is the best that we can do.



Life, as I know it.

Life, as I know it.

I hate it when someone is ahead of me, but I am happy when I’m ahead of someone. Why is that? I asked myself, what did he do? What did I miss? What’s wrong with me? Maybe because “there will be someone better and lesser than me”.

I have to ask myself, how many demons they beat, how may wrong turns they made, how many secret tears, or how many times they forget to smile just to get there. And if I am ahead of someone I feel good but, it doesn’t give me the right to judge them. Because I don’t know what they are going through or if they can make it to where they supposed to go.I tend to compare my life with others, I judge them just to make myself better. And sometimes it’s the same reason why I end up being empty inside. but, I can decide, if I will be an inspiration or to live a life with envy.

We are all different. I might be walking with someone but we are walking on a different path, different speed, different destination, different belief, and different reason. It doesn’t mean that I move slowly I will not get there. What works for them might not work for me or vice versa. I set my own speed and time. I compete with myself not with others to reach my goals in life.

You see my friend, life is not that complicated. We struggle for survival, we want the best position in the company, we want to travel the world, and we want to have a family. We all have goals and we want to achieve it. There will be people that will laugh at your dreams or drag you down. Don’t mind them, pray for them because you understand them and what they are missing in this life. But, there are people that will always be there for you, but you can’t choose who will stay. They also have their own fight and decisions to make. You can’t make people stop their dreams. Take time to see the things around you, that means everything, the good and not the good one. The good ones will make you feel blessed. And not the good one will make you appreciate what you have, and sometimes it’s not that bad because you haven’t seen the whole iceberg, you don’t know the whole story. So might as well stop for a while and enjoy. And how to do we know which one is good if the other one doesn’t exist. We all get hungry, we buy foods. That’s the reason why other people need to exist in your life. There’s a reason to everything why they came and left. They will leave you lessons or you give them the lessons. We learned from the pain, sadness, happiness, frustration and falling apart. We fall in love, get hurt, losing grip, never ending tears, losing friends and family. When you lost someone and you never had a chance to tell them, that is the worst feeling. No matter how beautiful your message to their funeral is, it’s meaningless.

You still love no matter how much pain it will give you, and love is the best feeling in the world. As long as you have your family and God, you will never get lost. I can always go back to them, they come running to save me.

We reap what we sow. when you plant a banana, you will reap a banana. Respect the people around you, it means everyone. Have the courage to face life. Learn to forgive. Pray not only in time of hopelessness but all the time. Be there for your parents and your family. Laugh often. Be always thankful. Make real friends. Seek wisdom to understand and change what you can. Be kind. Have patience. Be strong in times of adversity. Be mindful of what you say. Fall in love. Smile. We can’t make a perfect life but we can create a good one. Someone said, we are in this world, but we are not for this world. We can’t live here forever. Life is an echo, the sound you make will be the same sound that will come back to you after you make it. Because in the end it’s not the length, but the quality of life you live. Live with no regrets.

Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter

This love month it’s not only about loving someone but,  also healing the hearts.

When my ex-boyfriend and I broke up I never had a chance to thank him for all the wonderful memories he left. So after many years I was able to write something for him.

I’m sorry if I hurt you big time. I know saying sorry is not enough. But I still want to thank you for loving and understanding me. The tears and laughter we shared. We may part ways but the lessons you taught me will always be in my heart. I will never forget those eyes that always tell the truth. I loved you, and you know that.  You find time for me, to listen to me, to laugh at my stupid jokes even though you are tired. You lend me those hands, wipe my tears if I’m in pain. You hug me if I needed comfort, for making me safe. For the sleepless night, we stayed, for the beers and stupid words, for meaningless fights. If I have a problem you will simply hold my hand and whisper “everything will be okay, have faith”. For staying strong when I’m on the weakest. When I had nothing you still made me feel that the world is mine. You want to share everything with me your pain, fears, problems and your success. But there are things that are out of our hands.

The day we parted ways tears were flowing from our eyes, but you still made me believe that love is still beautiful.  You said that we will understand why all these things happened.  That somethings are not meant to last, you said “smile” because that’s the last thing you want to see from me. You held my hands and promised me that you will always keep the memories we’ve shared. As the sun fades, our hands that used to hold tight slowly letting go each other. We hugged and kissed for the last time. It was a bittersweet goodbye.

Years passed by and pain is now a memory. Things are making sense now. I have moved on. And I want to say thank you.

Thank you for holding my hand when there is no one I can turn to.

Thank you for singing me those songs that ease all the worries in my heart.

Thank you for standing beside me when I feel small because of failure.

Thank you for dancing in the rain with me so I can hide my tears.

Thank you for laughing at my jokes though I know it annoys you a lot.

Thank you for smiling every day, that’s my addiction.

Thank you for pulling me out of my comfort zone, you said it’s boring.

Thank you for hugging me when I feel bad.

Thank you for pinching my cheeks and nose, it’s your addiction.

Thank you for giving me the world when I had nothing.

Thank you for teaching me to try  new things.

Thank you for letting me into your life.

Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

Thank you for the memories.

Thank you for being my ex-boyfriend.

I will forever be grateful that once in my life I met and loved you.  You will always have a special place in my heart.

Losing the moon while counting the stars.

Losing the moon while counting the stars.

Sometimes we fight too hard in this life. Often in our struggles, we forget the important things in our life. We are busy chasing our dreams, getting to the top of the ladder, or even winning many battles. Yes, you are victorious but are they all worth it.  When you start looking at your life and you realize that in the process of winning you also lost the most important things.

It doesn’t need that way. You don’t need to fall over and over just to learn in this life. Life will never be perfect. But at least you can do something about living a worthy life. Fighting, without losing what matters to us.

I don’t live a perfect life. It’s too far from being perfect. I struggled and fall many times and still falling, but it doesn’t stop me from reaching my dreams. But, somehow I know how to slow down. When I see a red light I stopped, and go when it’s green. What I’m trying to say is, don’t make everything complicated.

We don’t know how much time we have left in this world. So make sure everything counts. You can still count the stars without losing the moon.

Here are some of what I did. But, the choice is still yours.

  1. Take a walk.  A short or a long walk. You never know where it leads you. This is also the best time for your alone time and think about your life.
  1. Take time to laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine. Laugh with your friends and family. They say that it can lower your stress or make your life longer, we don’t know if it’s true but who cares, laughing is free and it’s fun.
  1. Listen to your favorite song. What type of music you listen to? Just play it and let your heart out.
  1. Make real and true friends. As you grow old you realize that it’s the quality over quantity that matters.  Don’t just call or chat them. Go and see them.
  1. Make time for your Family. A simple meal with them, visit them, take pictures with them, and spend more time with them. No matter how busy your life is, find time for them.
  1. Appreciate Nature. Climb a mountain, feel the grass on your feet, walk through sands and chase the waves, swim through lakes or falls. Take a hike. Chase the Milky Way.
  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things. It could be a new hobby. Maybe playing a musical instrument, cooking, painting, a new sport or something you want ever since you are a kid. Or if you haven’t exercise, this might be a good time to start. It’s not always too late to learn new things.
  1. Go out and travel. Go to your dream destination if you have the money. And also, traveling doesn’t need to break your pockets. You can visit a museum, a national park, a heritage town or you can go around your town.
  1. Read a book. If you’re not into books, at least try to pick a book and read it. You don’t need to buy it, there are bookstores that offer free reading just look for one.
  1. Talk to strangers. It’s risky but you never know unless you try. You might learn something new from them. Remember, you are also a stranger to them.
  1. Listen and Don’t Judge. They trust you because they tell you their stories. They let you into their world. Even though, you know their story still doesn’t give you the right to judge them.
  1. Help those in Need. Volunteer to a charity. If you don’t have the money, you can share them your time. You never know how blessed you are if you don’t share your blessings.
  1. Love.  Sometimes it gets messy but it’s still beautiful in the end. It might hurt you but it will always leave a mark, a reminder that you are capable of loving and accepting the imperfections.
  1. Give respect to everyone, even the people who don’t need it.
  1. Change what you can-If things are out of our control let it be, deal with the things you can control. Don’t stress on something that is out of your hands. Things happen for a reason.
  1. If you need to cry, then cry. Sometimes that’s the only thing you can do.
  1. Try to unplug or disconnect. In an online world, it can make or break a relationship. Some use it to communicate with the people they love to connect the distance that separates them, some use it too much that the relationship is creating a distance to each other. And, some use it as validation of their existence. Just be wise, know when it is too much already.
  1. Give Kindness. If you have a piece of bread, a bottle of water share it to a homeless person or a beggar, help an old woman to cross the street, a mother that needs help with her groceries, returning someone’s wallet. A simple gesture without expecting anything in return. Or just a simple smile.
  1. Don’t forget to Pray.  Be thankful for the unending blessings you receive every day. In times that we don’t understand what’s going on around us. When your dreams are going nowhere, you’re losing the fight. He listens to every word you say, he might not give what we want but will always direct us to the better plan he has for us. The key is faith, though sometimes it’s hard but that’s we need to do.
  1. Love Yourself. The greatest love of all as what they say, I agree on this one. You can’t give what you don’t have. Taking care of yourself and not abusing it. Don’t hate yourself because of your imperfections, it’s there for a reason. Don’t be mean to yourself.




How do you wake up?

Sometimes you don’t want to wake up because you don’t see any reason to do it. You will go back to sleep because in dreams you are happy. No pain, no heartaches and you are with someone you love. Everything is perfect. How will I wake up in a world that hurts me? I am mad because I woke up. I woke up crying because I am sad. I’m going through a lot of pain, anger and my head is a mess. You know how hard it is. I stopped for a while and started to think. I asked myself. I am in this world for a long time already, but why do I feel something is missing with me, my heart feels empty. Am I still worthy here?

I started to think about how my life has been. I started to question my faith? I ask God, Do I deserve all the pain? Why give me all these, why did you wake me up? Are these my punishment for not being a good daughter, a sister, a friend or a person? I know it’s wrong to blame everything to him. But what am I supposed to feel, I am alone, afraid, and lost? Do I have the right to get mad? Maybe, but not with God. I can’t do anything but cry. Why am I sad? There are many reasons for being happy, but I can’t do it or I really don’t like being happy? I just let my tears flow, but in every drop I slowly find the answer to my questions.

Every time I wake up, every time I open my eyes. I already opened his gifts. With every breath he is there for me.  He gave me a family and friends that love and forgive me. These are the people who believe in me. Enough reasons to move forward

I am the one who holds the key to my happiness. Whatever I’m going through is a result of the choices I made in the past. But still I am thankful because it builds my character. That sometimes I expect too much with what I want for my life but, he has a better plan for me. I may not be in the place I want but, I am where I need to. I might be going some trials in my life, but my faith in him will heal me. He will not leave me, after all he gave his only son for us and he loved me first.

Now, I have a lot of reasons to  get up.


Every time I open my social media accounts I always see these, one friend got married, travel abroad, one got a new car, new relationship all with #blessed.

Then I asked myself how come he has a new car. The other one broke up with her boyfriend now she has a new one. I’ve been single for too long but, still can’t find a new one. One friend came from Europe and me just came from the market. The others been in Hong Kong for a shopping and I can only afford to buy clothes from the thrift shop.  It saddens me to stay on these social media stuff.

Is it sad or it’s just me?

So, I tried to detox from my social media accounts. Since I work online I need to fight my urge to check it. It was hard but I learned a lot.

  1. Your happiness should start within yourself. You need to know yourself more and should know all your goals and how will you reach it. Because if you really know yourself you know what makes you happy.
  2. You decide for your own happiness. You don’t let other people control it. Because if you let them control your happiness you will end up in a mess.
  3. Don’t blame others because you are not happy or you can’t find happiness. How you respond to the world determines your happiness.
  4. Find a new hobby, a new skill or do the things you dreamt of doing. And if you feel sad just go back to it and do it all over again.
  5. Sometimes material things are not the answer to your happiness. Sometimes it is from the people you love, the sound of their laughter, their good health, their warm hugs, and even a cup of coffee with them and their stories.

I don’t need the world to approve my happiness. What matters is at the end of the day I’m getting a good sleep and love from the people who I love. Now that’s my happiness.